Self-Publishing for Teens Part 3 – Formatting your Book

cropped-reveille-cover-without-words-jpeg2.jpgHappy Monday, all you writers! Here’s a little post on formatting. Hope it’s helpful. 🙂 Have a great week!

Alright, your book has been edited, a great cover has been designed (or you’re in the process). What’s next?

Another important part of publishing is making sure that your formatting is correct. It doesn’t necessarily need to be fancy, but it needs to be functional.

In order to make this process easier (specifically in order to make a table of contents). I bought some writing software called Scrivener. It’s great. There may be a future post on the wonderful world of Scrivener, we’ll see.

Okay, so, whatever word processor you use to write your manuscript, you need to change it into a mobi file in order to publish on Kindle. A great tool to see how your work will look on multiple devices is the Kindle Previewer.

Once you download the previewer you can use it to inspect the interior of your book as if you were reading it on a Kindle, tablet, or phone.

Tip: In order to view what your book will look like on an iOS device, you have to copy and paste a code into the iOS device.

Tip 2: I believe that when you publish on Kindle, a clickable table of contents is automatically created for your book. At least they did for mine. Make sure you check that, so you don’t have two table of contents!

Formatting for CreateSpace is a little more tricky. First of all you need to create a table of contents, mine was functional, but it wasn’t the best (just check the inside of the print book) . Your manuscript needs to be in a pdf file in order to publish with CreateSpace.

A few minutes after entering your file, CreateSpace will allow you to see any possible formatting errors. Try to fix all of these if you can. (Supposedly my fonts weren’t embedded properly, but I went forward anyway.)

Tip 3: Try to format the book’s file in order to fit the size of the book you’re publishing. ex. if you’re publishing a 9 by 5 novel, make sure those are also the dimensions of your file.

Once this is done, you submit your file, and wait. CreateSpace should either approve or deny your manuscript within twenty-four hours.

After CreateSpace has approved your file, you’ll want to proofread your manuscript to make sure that no nasty little errors made it through your editing process. (This is what my mom the night before the deadline) As well as searching for typos, look for things like extra spaces in between words or sentences.

Finally, after you’ve proofread your manuscript, you complete the final steps, and let CreateSpace finalize your book. In a few days your book should be available for purchase on Amazon as well as the CreateSpace store.

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Keep on writing for His glory!

David B. Hunter

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