The War Room Review

Last week I went to the War Room, a movie about prayer. Before you read on, I’m warning you, there may be spoilers. 🙂

The main conflict in this story is between Elizabeth Jordan and her husband Tony. They argue a lot and Tony is often on the road as a pharmaceutical salesmen.

Meanwhile, their daughter is left out in the cold.

Elizabeth Jordan, a real estate agent, visits an old lady who’s selling her house. Eventually, this old lady shows Elizabeth a closet, which she calls her “War Room”. She challenges Elizabeth to pray for her husband, instead of fighting him, and let God fight for her.

Okay, that’s the whole premise and I had better not write any more, or I could give away too much of the story!

Throughout the movie there are some very laughable scenes, especially ones that involve the old lady.

The movie was professional for the most part, but there was maybe a scene or two which seemed a little amateur or over done.

The characters are great and the movie shows how love and God, can change a person.

Toward the end of the movie there is a Double Dutch competition. Basically two people swing two ropes, and one or more people do tricks, while jumping rope. Some of those moves, wow, pretty incredible!

All in all, it was a great movie and I highly recommend you watch it, I’d say it’s a 4.5/5. Go, watch it! 😉

Hope you have a good Wednesday.

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