Storming: Book Review

Today I’m reviewing a novel I recently finished, Storming by K.M. Weiland

In the high-flying, heady world of 1920s aviation, brash pilot Robert “Hitch” Hitchcock’s life does a barrel roll when a young woman in an old-fashioned ball gown falls from the clouds smack in front of his biplane. As fearless as she is peculiar, Jael immediately proves she’s game for just about anything, including wing-walking in his struggling airshow. In return for her help, she demands a ride back home . . . to the sky.



I enjoyed this book immensely. It was written for adults, but teens can enjoy it as well.


Hitch Hickock, the main character, is a courageous pilot trying to make his mark as a barnstormer in Prohibition-era, America.

Jael, a mysterious, ferocious woman, who also has a soft spot in her heart.

Along with these two, there are feuding brothers, a flamboyant showman, a sheriff who’s willing to sometimes bend the law, a mute child, and many more!

Really great character and in addition, the voice of Storming was amazing!

5 stars


Hitch returns to his home town in Nebraska, full of baggage, and it takes pretty much the whole book to sort everything out.

Sky pirates take Hitch’s home town hostage and our hero (Hitch) and heroine (Jael) must fight them in order to free the town.

Storming is an interesting story that combines historical fiction with diesel-punk elements. So if you’re expecting a straight 1920’s story, you’re in for a nice surprise.

Before the start of the final climactic showdown, a bomb is dropped! Not literally, just a plot/character twist which raises the stakes.

In addition, several parts of this book are hilarious. Especially some of the scenes with the two feuding brothers.

4.5 stars


Entertaining scenes both in the sky and on the ground make this novel fly by (pun very much intended).

4.5 stars


By the end of the book, a romance springs up between two main characters. There’s a little kissing and a scene where they dance together, but that’s about it. I enjoyed this sub-plot and you probably will as well.

4.5 stars

In closing, I would highly recommend this book, it’s a great read and relatively inexpensive at only $2.99 for the ebook version at Amazon and $3.99 at K. M. Weiland’s site.

At the end of the book, K.M. Weiland includes the link to some exclusive content, something I certainly would like to emulate in some way. Absolutely outstanding writing. I hope I piqued your interest. 🙂 Have a great day, everyone!


4 thoughts on “Storming: Book Review

  1. I think you just became my Favorite Person of the Day. 🙂 I’m so glad you enjoyed Storming–and thank you so much for taking the time to review. Totally appreciate that!

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