Describe the Days of the Week as People

Kellyn tagged me, so here goes. I’m going to describe the days of the week as of they were people.


Monday: Monday is a businessman on an airplane trip. Well-dressed, refined, and let’s face it, a wee bit cranky. His stomach rolls both from the airplane and the under-cooked sushi he ate for lunch. Unless he can somehow take a nap, someone is going to face his wrath.

Tuesday: Tuesday is a frazzled homeschool mom. She was supposed to bring her four kids to the local co-op, but now her newborn needs his diaper changed and the other three kids, all under the age of five, are running in circles around her. She is going to need more than a few a prayers and a couple of iburprofen to survive.

Wednesday: Wednesday is the contented, yet still unsure college student who just completed his first semester of college. So far so good, he’s still keeping up his GPA, but his next chemistry class is going to be a big doozy. Then again, his thoughts are centered on the pretty brunette who smiled at him during lunch.

Thursday: Thursday is the girl who’s head is always in the clouds. Instead of doing her schoolwork, she doodles pictures of dragons and castles in her notebook. Characters that nobody ever sees dance in her head. People think that she’s juvenile and whimsical, but this girl has a precious gift—imagination.

Friday: Friday is the father that comes home from work, bone-tired, but when his children greet him at the door, he smiles. He keeps a day of frustration pent-up even when supper is a little late, or the kids toys are still littered across the living room floor.

Saturday: Saturday is the couch potato who lays in his easy chair, remote in one hand, chips in the other. He belches and scratches his oily, blond hair with his remote hand. Credits from the last season of the hottest reality television show roll across the screen, but instead of getting up, the middle-aged man, with more than a muffin-top decides to watch an earlier season off of Netflix.

Sunday: Sunday is the twenty-something man in a tuxedo and tie, back erect, ready to use his white-gloved hand to usher guests into his apartment building. He hopes that someday he’ll be able to quit his day job and pursue his true passion, writing.

Thanks for reading. This was an enjoyable brainstorming exercise, I tag Alyssa, Rose, and if you want to join the fun, consider yourself tagged!

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