The Giver: Book Review

The Giver by Lois Lowry is certainly a book that raises moral questions in the guise of a 51usrhmubkl-_sx331_bo1204203200_children’s story. It’s a story about a boy, Jonas, who becomes the “Receiver of Memories”, a task which brings joy but also pain.


The two most well-rounded character are the Giver and Jonas, for the obvious reason that they are the only ones that can see color and have the memories of ages past. 4 stars


The story is set in a utopian community where color, deep emotions, and music have been replaced by “sameness” in return for security. No one is ever hungry, there are no wars but beneath the surface, there is evil.

Instead of stating all this outright, the author did a great job of allowing the reader to discover this along with Jonas, the MC. 5 stars


Whether security is worth the loss of feeling and colors. As well as how people can become inured to evil things done in their midst. 5 stars


I thought that the midpoint was a little late in the story, and that end of the second act as well as the beginning of the third act were rushed. The very end had a nice tie-in to earlier in the book, but it didn’t seem to be very realistic. 3 stars

Should You Read This Book?

Overall, I would definitely recommend this book that forces you to think things through. I read The Giver as part of my history curriculum and finished it in two days. You can buy it here, though before you fork over the moolah, I’d check your library, since they probably have this book on their shelves.


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