December Update

Hello all,

It’s already December, and where I live, snow covers the ground. I apologize for not posting more often, but school is sort of time-consuming.

But, on a positive note, using the scraps of time not dedicated to school, I’ve finished editing Retreat! Woo-hoo! Now, it’s on to proofreading.

While the end of this publishing cycle definitely seems closer, this next step could take quite a while since I have to receive my proof copies, distribute them to my proofreaders, and then input their notes into my Scrivener file. And if my proofreaders don’t like my storyline, it’s back to the editing phase.

Alright, so basically I have no idea when Retreat will be ready for publication, but I’ll make sure to post here when it is!

Have a blessed Christmas!

One thought on “December Update

  1. Merry Christmas!

    Hey, that’s awesome! Good for you. Editing is super hard … but proofreading is kind of fun. At least, that’s my opinion.

    Snow-wise, we have maybe one and a half feet right now. Not a lot compared to some places, but we decent and certain longer-lasting than usual. Nice sledding height. 🙂


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