December Update

Hello all,

It’s already December, and where I live, snow covers the ground. I apologize for not posting more often, but school is sort of time-consuming.

But, on a positive note, using the scraps of time not dedicated to school, I’ve finished editing Retreat! Woo-hoo! Now, it’s on to proofreading.

While the end of this publishing cycle definitely seems closer, this next step could take quite a while since I have to receive my proof copies, distribute them to my proofreaders, and then input their notes into my Scrivener file. And if my proofreaders don’t like my storyline, it’s back to the editing phase.

Alright, so basically I have no idea when Retreat will be ready for publication, but I’ll make sure to post here when it is!

Have a blessed Christmas!

Conquering Writers Block and Summoning Inspiration: Book Review

I recently finished reading this short book by K.M. Weiland. If you’re like 510s4fkeigl-_sx311_bo1204203200_me, you have some writerly mood swings. One day you feel that your writing is  A+, and another that its only destination should be the garbage can.

Who Will be Helped by this Book:

Either plotters or pantsers will be able to use this book. This book is aimed more at full-time writers, but most of the advice is just as applicable to wannabe full-time writers (which I am one).

What You’ll Learn from this Book:

For one, you’ll be inspired and know that you’re not alone when you feel that you’re writing is worthless and a waste of time.

K.M. Weiland writes about ways to improve creativity, techniques for pushing past writer’s block, and makes you ask the question, “Why do you write?”

You may only think that writing includes the punching of keys on your computer, but you’ll learn how to use downtime to your advantage.

Should You Read this Book:

This a nonfiction book, of course, but I personally found K.M. Weiland’s voice and choice of words very entertaining. Conquering Writer’s Block and Summoning Inspiration is the best nonfiction book I have read for a while. I highly recommend this book!

I was given a free digital copy in return for an honest review.


Describe the Days of the Week as People

Kellyn tagged me, so here goes. I’m going to describe the days of the week as of they were people.


Monday: Monday is a businessman on an airplane trip. Well-dressed, refined, and let’s face it, a wee bit cranky. His stomach rolls both from the airplane and the under-cooked sushi he ate for lunch. Unless he can somehow take a nap, someone is going to face his wrath.

Tuesday: Tuesday is a frazzled homeschool mom. She was supposed to bring her four kids to the local co-op, but now her newborn needs his diaper changed and the other three kids, all under the age of five, are running in circles around her. She is going to need more than a few a prayers and a couple of iburprofen to survive.

Wednesday: Wednesday is the contented, yet still unsure college student who just completed his first semester of college. So far so good, he’s still keeping up his GPA, but his next chemistry class is going to be a big doozy. Then again, his thoughts are centered on the pretty brunette who smiled at him during lunch.

Thursday: Thursday is the girl who’s head is always in the clouds. Instead of doing her schoolwork, she doodles pictures of dragons and castles in her notebook. Characters that nobody ever sees dance in her head. People think that she’s juvenile and whimsical, but this girl has a precious gift—imagination.

Friday: Friday is the father that comes home from work, bone-tired, but when his children greet him at the door, he smiles. He keeps a day of frustration pent-up even when supper is a little late, or the kids toys are still littered across the living room floor.

Saturday: Saturday is the couch potato who lays in his easy chair, remote in one hand, chips in the other. He belches and scratches his oily, blond hair with his remote hand. Credits from the last season of the hottest reality television show roll across the screen, but instead of getting up, the middle-aged man, with more than a muffin-top decides to watch an earlier season off of Netflix.

Sunday: Sunday is the twenty-something man in a tuxedo and tie, back erect, ready to use his white-gloved hand to usher guests into his apartment building. He hopes that someday he’ll be able to quit his day job and pursue his true passion, writing.

Thanks for reading. This was an enjoyable brainstorming exercise, I tag Alyssa, Rose, and if you want to join the fun, consider yourself tagged!

Brief Update on Stronger than the Sword

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you’re all having a great writerly day.

I just wanted to share where I was on my current WIP, Stronger than the Sword. As of this blog post, my word count is at 55, 639, with a goal of 80,000, or however long the story takes to wrap up. 😉

Also, I’m trying to get some material together to write a set of blog posts on some of C. S. Lewis’ essays on literature I’m currently reading. They are very good. I’d certainly recommend them! So yeah, hopefully I can get the first of those blog posts out in a week or two.

See y’all later!

Infinity Dreams Award


I’ve been tagged by Alyssa for the Infinity Dreams Award. First time I’ve ever done one of these blog-taggy things, so this should be fun! 🙂



Say 11 eleven facts about yourself:

  1. I wrote my first book when I was four. (Actually I narrated the book and Mom wrote it down, though I did the illustrations.)
  2. I’m homeschooled and have been from the beginning.
  3. Politics are interesting to me.
  4. I want to make a difference with my writing.
  5. I’m a writer with terrible handwriting.
  6. Drawing is a skill I’d enjoy to have, but I unfortunately lack. (Though I can draw a great stick figure;) )
  7. My favorite school subjects are, economics, history, and, you might have guessed it, writing!
  8. My dream career is being a full-time Christian author. But my more realistic plan is to do something in business or marketing.
  9. I often skim through books.
  10. I enjoy to listen to podcasts or audiobooks while I’m doing mundane things. (Walking the dog, vacuuming, sweeping, etc.)
  11. Texting language drives me crazy! U know I what I mean? 🙂

The Questions:

What is your favorite book? (Haha, I’m so cruel!!)

Uh, probably The Bones of Makaidos, by Bryan Davis

Do you like snow or rain better? Why?

Snow. Because it’s easier to go outside in snow than rain.

What’s your favorite thing about reading?

The adventure.

When you read, do you use a bookmark? (Sorry for all the reading questions!)

Yes! In fact I have started collecting bookmarks.

What is your favorite board game?

Settlers of Catan. It’s a strategy game and oh, it’s so fun.

If you could ride any animal (pretending that it was the proper size, not a viscous, blood thirsty creature, etc.), what would it be?

A dragon!

How do you feel about bananas?

They’re a fruit. High in potassium. Quite tasty, especially with peanut butter.

What is your favorite state (assuming you’re all Americanos, and ignoring your home state)?

I’m a proud Americano. My favorite state is either Minnesota or Kentucky.

Least favorite letter?

“K” Because I always get it’s place in the alphabet mixed up.

What birthday has been your favorite so far?

Hmm, not really sure. Maybe my twelfth or thirteenth.

And lastly, which question has been your favorite?

The question about bookmarks.


  •  Use the Infinity Dreams Award picture
  • Thank the blogger who tagged you (that’s me!! 😛 )
  • Tell us 11 facts about yourself
  • Answer the 11 questions
  • Tag 11 bloggers


I tag:

  1. Tricia
  2. Olivia
  3. Danielle
  4. Rose



P.S. Sorry if you’re already tagged! I guess you could do it again, or ignore it! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to come up with all eleven names, so if you see this post and want to do it, consider yourself tagged!

What I Wrote in 2015 and Goals for 2016

Happy new year! 2015 was a big year for my writing. Here’s the highlights:

  • I self-published my first book ever, Reveille.Possible Reveille Cover, Moon Art 2.  JPEG KINDLE.  2,500 pixels
  • I wrote the first draft of Retreat, the second book in the Boy Buglers series.

Possible Retreat Cover Blurry Background With Words

  • Completed and submitted a story titled, An Unlikely Princess, to the Five Magic Spindles Contest put on by Rooglewood press.


  • Started this blog.
  • Won NaNoWriMo 2015


  • Reached about 38,000 words in my dystopian, NaNo novel, Stronger than the Sword

Here are some goals for 2016:

  • Win the Five Magic Spindles contest, or if I lose, rewrite the story and self-publish it myself.
  • Submit a piece and win the Call to Pens contest, sponsored by Patrick Henry College.


  • Finish the rough draft of Stronger than the Sword.
  • At least get started on the third book in the Boy Buglers series, titled Charge or Tattoo. (Though I may change the title. Originally, Retreat was titled Call to the Colors)
  • Not 100% sure I can accomplish this, as I want to edit and perfect the book, but it would be great to self-publish Retreat.
  • Improve my craft.
  • Submit another piece to a Rooglewood contest if they have it again this year. (If the theme story is Rapunzel, I already have a great story idea)


Wow, I’m already a little bit overwhelmed at my list but hopefully with the Lord’s help, I’ll at least be able to accomplish the majority of my plans. I would love to hear about your goals for writing in this next year, 2016.

But, whatever you do, remember to write for His glory!

Free Book! Today Only

Possible Reveille Cover, Moon Art 2.  JPEG KINDLE.  2,500 pixelsToday, on Christmas day, I am giving away my first ever published book Reveille on Amazon! 100% free!

Consider it as my gift to you for the visiting my blog. Thanks so much, guys!

You can pick up the book here. Please, if you get the book, read, and enjoy it, I would appreciate it, if you took some time out of your busy schedule and leave a review on Amazon.

Everyone have a merry Christmas!