Five Writing Podcasts

I’m not sure about you, but whenever I have to a chore, I like to listen to something. Here’s several writing podcasts that you should check out.

untitled-design-3-e1445105278110#1 is the Very Serious Writing Show

In all seriousness 😉 , this podcast is never always about writing, but it’s pretty much always entertaining. This is definitely my favorite podcast.


#2 is the Helping Writers Become Authors podcast

It’s hosted by K.M. Weiland (who has become one of my favorite authors). If you’re looking for tips on writing, check this one out. She is a plotter and story structure aficionado, so this podcast is slanted toward that style, but pantsers will learn things as well.

#3 is Writing Excuses


This is another show that explores the craft of writing. It’s jointly hosted by four authors, so you’re basically listening to them discuss. Certain episodes do contain bad language and other possibly objectionable content.


#4 is the Creative Pen

The predominant topics on this show are those that pertain to self-publishing, so if that’s the direction you want to take, this one’s for you. Some episodes contain bad language and objectionable content.

#5 is Grammar Girl Quick and Dirty Tips for Wrting

I haven’t listened to this one as much as the previous four, but if you have a question about the nuts and bolts of sentences, listen to this podcast or visit her website.


Bonus Podcast: Verses in Vox

This last one isn’t really related to helping you write better, but if you’re a fan of classic poetry, you’ll enjoy these dramatized edition of these poems.

If you have any other writing related radio shows or podcasts please share in the comments below.

The Very Serious Writing Show

I’m not sure about you guys, but I love to listen to podcasts (especially when I’m walking the dog or doing some other chore). There is a podcast you MUST listen to.

It is called the Very Serious Writing Show. Don’t let the name fool you, the host, guests, and listeners have a lot of fun.

It is posted in two parts every weeks. Each episode is about twenty minutes long, give or take.

Some authors that have been interviewed are the following: Bryan Davis, Kerry Nietz, Wayne Thomas Batson, Bill Myers, and Steve Rzasa.

It’s a great resource and just a fun radio show.

You can listen on either iTunes or SoundCloud and here’s a link to the show’s website. You guys should all listen.